Binoculars: What does the 10X50 mean?

Or 8X35 or the other X numbers? And what is better (More powerful) 10X50
or another set of numbers?

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5 Responses to Binoculars: What does the 10X50 mean?

  1. steve-o says:

    The first number is the power (sizes bigger than actual size). The second number is the size across the big outer lens in millimeters. The bigger the lens, the better light-gathering ability.

  2. Epidavros says:

    magnification and lens diameter

    the amount of light a pair collects increases with lens diameter

    and more magnification “dilutes” the light

    so its a trade off between a bright image and high magnification

  3. science teacher says:

    10 X 50 is 10 X magnification with a 50 degree angle of vision.The 10 is the magnification so the 10 x is greater. The 50 is a greater degree of vision available in the binoculars than the 35.

  4. jimmi says:

    10x is the magnification power. The 50 or 30 or what have you is the field of view. If you cut a piece out of a circle that accounted for a 50 degree angle and held the wider end out away from your eyes, the width of the outer edge is what you would see looking through the binoculars. This is at the 10x magnification which is narrower that just looking without magnification. I think that is how it works, correct me if i’m wrong.

  5. mangidabx says:

    10X means the binocular magnifies an object by
    ten times its diameter, therefore by 100 times its
    area. The 50 means the outer lens (the one you
    point at the object you are viewing) is 50 millimeters in diameter. The larger the diameter
    of that lens the more light it gathers and the wider
    your field of vision. As far as magnification goes
    there is no difference between 10X50 and 10X35,
    they each enlarge by 10 diameters.

    Cheap binoculars are sometimes advertised as
    “makes the object 25 times bigger”. This can be
    trick advertising. It may mean the magnification
    is only 5X, which would enlarge by 5 diameters
    but 25 times the area.